About Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit is known as an expert in the field of waterproofing with a wide range of solutions and services for new construction, repairs and tiling. The brand has exclusive solutions for different areas of the building that need waterproofing and tile fixing such as: Roof, Water Tank, Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen, Swimming Pool, Internal and External Walls.

  • Acrylic top coat, for waterproofing & heat insulation of roof and external walls.

  • Cementitious undercoats for roof, swimming pool, bathroom, balcony, water tank and other wet areas’ waterproofing.

  • Bituminous membranes for basement and roof waterproofing.

  • Integral waterproofing compounds for structure strengthening.

  • Tile fixing solutions to take care of aesthetics of the building.

  • Admixture for structure strengthening and waterproofing.

  • Other repair and sealing solutions.

Why is waterproofing important?

Why is waterproofing important?

East Africa is blessed to have high rainfall and direct sunlight, almost throughout the year.This results into high water table on ground and temperature difference in weather. This calls for wholistic waterproofing of every building right from basement till roof, to keep it in good shape for years.

  • Keeps the structure durable and intact while ensuring safety of valuables against moisture
  • Prevents risks of property damage and human health issues arising out of dampness
  • Prevents unnecessary costs in frequent repairs
  • Puts an end to damaged interiors
  • Improves the property value

Why Choose Dr.Fixit?


Dr. Fixit has exclusive solutions for different surface areas of building, hence, giving you a one-stop shop for all your water leakage hassles. The brand delivers high-quality products established with cutting-edge research and development centres in India, Middle East and Singapore.


We train and certify our applicators to ensure a standardized high-quality service for all our customers. Be assured of the competency of the applicator visiting your home from Dr. Fixit.


Highly trained personnel from Dr. Fixit team who can suggest the best waterproofing solution for your needs to safeguard your home for years.


Dr. Fixit has state of art manufacturing facility in Kenya catering to entire East Africa. We are available in 550 retail outlets in Kenya, 200 in Uganda and 30 in Rwanda.